5 best reasons to adopt a pet

Adopted pets have always been a central part of my life. Ever since I adopted my first kitten from a shelter when I was six years old, my life has largely revolved around loving, supporting, and, in many cases, owning adopted pets. I know my

Japanese Kuzu and Its Uses in Cooking

Kuzu, otherwise known as Japanese wild arrowroot is believed to be a miracle food as it has medicinal properties when taken as a drink for the digestive system, as well as being a good thickening ingredient in cooking. Therefore, the Japanes

Preventing the Flu

There are many simple tasks that can be accomplished to prevent the flu from spreading. Many are common sense suggestions that everyone can easily follow. Cover Always cover your nose and mouth when either snee

5 Surprising Causes of Depression

Depression is on the rise in America, which isn't exactly a good thing. So many different things can be a factor in whether or not a person develops any form of depression. Of course, some of the common causes of depression are well-known, i

What Your Garden Can Teach You

As spring approaches and the garden beckons, I am mindful of what the garden can teach me about good health. The lessons of the garden translate directly to my health, my family, and even my livelihood. Here are some timely reminders to help

Preventing Asthma Attacks

This topic is of particular importance to me. I have asthma, and some of my asthma attacks have been very severe. Avoiding them has become a prime directive. Here are a few things you can do to prevent future attacks. Medicati

How to Make Homemade Bacon

At first glance the idea of homemade bacon might seem intimidating, but the process is actually quite easy and safe-and not to mention delicious! Infact after you learn how to make homemade bacon, its probably actually healthier and safer th

Creating New Easter Traditions

Creating new Easter traditions is something that can bring an entire new meaning and recognition to the Easter season. Generally families have a traditional way of celebrating the Easter season. Whether it is dictated by religion, family tra

Amino Acids & Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a brain disorder that causes you to stop breathing while you are asleep because your brain does not send the right signals to the muscles that control breathing. Treatment for sleep apnea usually includes a mask strapped on th